Follow the Leader

There is an general understanding that to be a good follower, you have to know your leader well. You have to know his life, his ways, his thinking, and his perspectives. To follow his lead, there comes with it a more personal knowledge of his past patterns and behaviors, so that the follower can quickly and easily anticipate his next action or reaction.

What captain does not want his team to follow him as such? And what teammates expect to work well together without appropriately knowing both individually and corporately their ways of following the leader?

You, my friend, are on a team, if not on many actually. If you live with your family or with roommates, you are on a team. If you are employed or are an employer, you are part of a team. If you are married or even if you have friends, you are part of a team.

In some cases, the team has a leader: e.g. the boss at the store is the leader of his associates. In some cases, the teammates are pretty equal, like roommates in a house together. Naturally one rises as a leader and subconsciously takes on the innate responsibility of looking out more for the others. This person is often seen as a “team captain” or “manager” and then rises up to higher positions and places. This person has a different, maybe intrinsic, vision to see things that are more applicable but not apparent to the normal teammate’s eye.  The leader always has vision and/or is a visionary type of person. That’s why people follow him/her.

It is innate within us as people to want to follow someone with vision. Naturally we gravitate towards those who can see into the future, or lead us there.

Where in your  life have you followed a leader and he led you down a dirty path?   Where did you forsake your own logic and reasoning for the seemingly tasty vision of deception of another?

And yet, how was that different than following a good leader who led you down a sound path of rightness and goodness?  Notice the difference.

I bet you that the leader who led you or others down the dirty path had some dirt in his life before he led others there. I bet that dirt was not even seen until it was too late. Am I right?

We all have dirt or have had dirt. Every leader has or has had some type of dirt in his life. No doubt about it. The question remains, is he leading others towards the dirt or away from it. Like I said before, we can either be driven by our past (dirt included), or be inspired by it (to lead others away from it).

My challenge to you today is to look at the leaders in your life, in your religion, and in our world. See who is leading others towards dirt/death/destruction/oppression, and who is leading towards life/goodness/peace/fulfillment, and most importantly towards the truth.  No more lies, remember?  Look at your leaders. Look at who to draw closer to and who to steer clear away from. It is your life, my friend.

I am for you. I am for your life, goodness, peace, and fulfillment. If you are in goodness, you will produce goodness for others. If you are fulfilled, you desire others to be fulfilled. That fulfillment has to be inside of you before it can be on the outside of you. When we work together toward the mutual benefit and fulfillment of each other, we become better as individuals, then as families, then as communities.  Let that mutual growth be our goal today, starting with you and I.


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