Pepper Spray: Out of Stock


German companies producing Pepper Spray have been out of stock for weeks.

Using pepper spray as a means of self-defense has become a popular train of thought as Germans have not been able to find it on the shelves. After Muslims have attacked, mobbed, and raped thousands of innocent civilians in Germany since their recent entry into the country, the citizens are now on the defense.

Angry Germans protest on YouTube and other media outlets that their country has been invaded by supposed “needful refugees”. They counter that this insurgence of Muslims is really a modern-day Jihad – a holy war – which is coming against everyone who isn’t one of them, and every nation who will naively let them in.

Over 800,000 migrants are expected to come into the country by the end of 2015 by German authorities. This has the citizens scared for their own safety. Another 500,000 to 1.2 million individuals are estimated to arrive in 2016 according to the Association of German Cities, as the refugee crisis, or “die Flüchtlingskrise,” continues.

According to ZeroHedge, the reason producers and distributors give as the surge in demand of Pepper Spray is “the huge influx of refugees in recent weeks which has apparently unsettled many people.”

Under significant pressure from the public, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opened the country’s borders to “Syrian” migrants  who are fleeing the Islamic State group. Germans continue to protest and call for her to resign as townships struggle to provide services for the new population, according to WND.

gettyimages-496137848-640x480The AfD (Anti mass-migration Party) Alternativ für Deutschland held a mighty rally on Nov 7 in the streets of Berlin to protest the government’s decisions to bring in tens of thousands more migrants, according to Breitbart’s reporting. Apparently the government quivered for a moment when they reduced the influx of migrants, before rescinding their decision.

The Pepper Spray sales will continue to rise.


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