Morality from the beginning

Burqa… obviously Muslim. So who is the leader and where does this story start? The beginnings help us find our end.

dome_of_rockTo be a Muslim means to accept that Mohammed was the perfect Human Being. His life is the example for all Muslims to follow in every way possible.

Of course not all Muslims are very successful in this endeavour but the level of devoutness of a Muslim is judged by how closely he follows Mohammed’s example and teachings. This fact is not disputed in Islam. That is why it is so important to know his story. There is even a word to describe Mohammed’s behavior, which is “Sunnah”.(1)

This is the goal for all Muslims. Goal: To imitate, to follow. Imitate a man. Like leader, like follower.

Good people are good; bad people are dirty. We’ve all been both. There are good aspects in each person to follow, and also bad ones not to follow. And what I determine as “good” may be different than what you consider.

The question remains then: who is higher than the entire human race to choose which aspects are always good and which are always bad?  Is there not a higher law above the human that chooses for us, that helps us to abide by it?  Because, let’s just say, if the moral law is man-made, what gives that particular man more clout or wisdom or authority to decide for everyone else in the world?  And if it be a man, would it not have to be the very first man who ever existed to set the standard for all who follow?  If the follower ever sets the precedent and the rules, then the leader, or even those who came before him, canpapyrus-4194anot possibly be subjugated to a law that comes after them.

It’s like going through a free intersection where there is no stop sign. A year later you receive a traffic ticket in the mail saying that you ran the stop sign that was just posted a month before the letter, which happened to be 11 months after you drove through the same intersection!  Now, is that fair? Of course not!

Therefore, by reasoning and logic, the only moral code for all humanity must have only been established before humanity even existed. It must, therefore, be an eternal code for morality, and an external code for that matter. It must have existed before and after all humankind ever, and must endure for eternity, if we truly are eternal beings.

Now to exclude religion in this, this moral code had to already have been in place before every religion came into place: before Islam, before Buddhism, before Christianity, and before anything else. The One True God is before all and above all. He is before all and even after all.  He is the One True Leader who already made a moral code for us to follow, and all we can know by premise is that it is good for us and will always be the best for all of us. This is truly the beginning.

Yours truly,

~ Rihla


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