The Leaflet leading to girls’ seduction

Leaflet calling Muslims boys in UK to seduce Sikh girls (Hindu-Muslim inter religious marriages)

Seduce the Sikhs
Call to Muslims to Seduce Sikh girls into Islam
 Full article here (Highlights, mine)
The news of leaflet that appeared in UK calling Muslim boys to seduce Sikh girls is very old and goes back to the year 2005. After this the cases of love jihad surfaced in India but media ridiculed Hindu groups branding them as fascists for opposing inter religious marriages saying such marriages create harmony. If opposition to such marriages is criteria for declaring people as fascists, these enlightened people should know that Islam fits in to category of fascism because Koran bans Muslims girls marrying infidel men. Islamic law states that such infidels are put to death. Of course Muslims men can marry Non Muslim women. This Islamic belief and law ensures certain death to infidel cultures and civilizations in the long run. One can read what is in leaflet from here or below where I put it up.

This was reported by certain Journo, Clive Gresswell:

A racially explosive leaflet urging Muslim men to-quite-literally- seduce Sikh girls in to the faith is being hawked on the streets of London. Although the extremist literature, which suggests the best way to do it would be to get the women drunk, has been condemned by local Asian leaders, it could lead to tensions in town.

The leaflets have been given out to Muslim men at different locations in town, including Luton railway station. On which we obtained says: ‘it is easy to take out Sikh girls on a date as they generally like a good drink and from there they can be gradually brought in to Islam.

‘We need to send our boys to bring the Sikh girls in to arms of Islam. The teachings of the great Prophet must be pursued on until the whole world is Islam. The world will only then be saved.’

Under the heading ‘For private circulation’ the leaflet advocates converting them by manipulation as same thing the Quran advocates. It adds ‘we call upon our fellow youth to come and join us in our mission for universal and global Islam. The job is big but not impossible.’

The task is getting easier as by the day as the Sikh and Hindu girls are not taught much about their religion at all. They have a more westernized upbringing. The school, college and university campuses are ideal places for our youth to carry out their duties in this way.’

Describing other faiths as ‘animalistic’ it even adds that Muslims are more attractive and intelligent than other people which should be helpful in seduction process. Issued by a group calling themselves The Real Khilafah Movement: The Eyes, the Ears, the voice of Islam, it ends with an appeal for money and a chilling warning ‘watch this space’.

The Muslim man who handed us the leaflet and did not want to be named said: “Nowhere in the Quran does it say that either God  or the great Prophet Mohammad…


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