Dream 10/20/15

03_lightning-sizedI was at this place with my sister.  There were 2 buildings.  One was smaller. She and I were in the smaller one. I decided I would leave.
So then I get a bicycle and start to go but I see these very dark ANGRY looking clouds filling the sky and I know it would be too far for me to go on a bike and dangerous because of the rain. So I turn back and it starts to rain. As I’m running into the larger building, which is a library, there are many others running in as well and they’re saying “The storm is coming! The storm is coming! Hurry!”
And I go inside and see so many people and they are ALL on their knees and face down on the ground taking cover from the storm.  Every single person is on the ground on their knees face down taking cover from the storm.  The people are arranged in big circles of like 12 people (I can’t say for sure the number). At first I think there is nowhere for me but then I see one space and go kneel there.
There was a little boy about the age of 6 or 7 in front of me and we had to share the space.
~ Iah

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