Dream: January 2014

Dream 01/23/2014

I saw a large group of people in an underground refuge.  My Aunt “J” was in the dream. I felt like I was watching a movie yet seeing it too with my own eyes. The people claimed that their bible was called the Quran. The knowledge came to me that in order for Christians to seriously claim such a thing meant that they truly didn’t know their own Bible!


Suddenly, they were under attack and they wondered why God wasn’t delivering them out of trouble. As I watched this, I heard Ashley’s voice asking me what was going on (as if she were watching this too). I said, “God usually saves them in trouble.” But I knew He would not do that now until they recognized who their God really was. 


Next, I saw the people beginning to suffocate. I knew that their air supply was cut off. Their lips were turning purple/blue and they were gasping for air. I knew that in the end this was how they would die. But then, suddenly the dream shifted and I found myself in Aunt J’s kitchen. She was gasping for air too. As I moved around her, (I think to stand behind her or place my hand on her back) her breathing got better. And eventually it was as if the earlier part of the dream had just been a movie we were talking about. Aunt J said that she would not want to be trapped with all of those people, seeing them struggle for air. Just thinking about the situaton made it hard for me to breathe too.


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