When the Wife Protests


The story is still stirring hearts about the young woman whose nose was cut off by her husband when she protested his decision to marry his 7-year old niece.

The attack by her husband happened after a marital spat when Reza Gul protested one of her husband’s decisions. At 20 years old, having been married already for 6 years, Reza did not approve of her husband now choosing his 6- or 7-year old niece as his next fiancee as reported by Gul’s mother, Zarghona in the Times. At her rebuttal, Muhammad Khan, 25 years old, pulled out his pocket knife and cut off his wife’s nose. It was reported by Zarghona that there had been repeated abuse by Muhammad and his family during the six-year marriage.

Reza arrived at the Afgan hospital with her nose in her hand and much blood loss, but was not able to receive proper treatment there. She was redirected to a proper hospital in Pakistan.

From an article in 2010:

In 2010, Time magazine ran a cover featuring an 18-year-old woman named Aesha Mohammadzai. The brave young woman had agreed to pose for the magazine to draw the world’s attention to a brutal practice happening in her home country of Afghanistan: the cutting off of women’s noses and ears as punishment. Aesha had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban after she fled from her in-laws, who had abused her.

Women are still receiving brutal punishments today in 2016. Not that I support the Feminist Movement, I do support a wife to balance out her husband’s decisions with sound, logical reasoning. The husband and wife are supposed to work together as a team, right? None is perfect alone.

For more information, see the full story HERE.:





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