The God who Answers

He woke up from the dream… again. It was the third time he had seen it and now he was faced with a decision.

Taher had been praying for an answer and he was now confronted with an answer he wasn’t expecting. A devout Muslim in Iran, Taher had been faithful and diligent in his services to Allah. He was a Haji and his wife, a Haji-eh, had made their journey to Mecca to worship him, and for his 45 years of life this was all he knew.

When his daughter converted to Christianity and began following Jesus, he protested. His wife later followed and he was even more upset. Then, his son converted and became a believer in Jesus Christ, and Taher was enraged.  If Paul in the Bible was seen as a man zealous for his Jewish God by killing Christian opponents, Taher was a parallel suspect for Islam. To take dominion over his home, he beat them, he forbade them going to church, he threatened them, and threatened turning them into the secret police. He even intended to kill them with his bare hands out of his rage and anger. Memorizing and quoting the Koran to them was not working. No Muslim religious practices were anything effective.

So he turned to his god. He cried out, amid memorizing the Koran, and asked for God to reveal Himself to him. Taher was desperate. Was Jesus the real God, or was it Allah. Surely the real God would be the one that answered his prayer, he surmised. So he prayed and prayed. Either he was right and his family wrong, or else his family knew something he didn’t and he wanted God to reveal the truth.

When his head hit the pillow, something interesting happened to him:

The living God answered his prayers through a dream. In his dream, a Man riding a donkey came toward him. He had never seen the Man before, but the Man hugged him and said, “I will clean you from all your sins; you are free. I will give you rest. Believe in Me.” Taher asked, “But what will happen if I sin again?” The Man on the donkey replied with the same words, “I will clean all your sins.” Then the Man on the donkey left, leaving Taher dumbfounded. Another man approached him in his dream. “Do you know the man on the donkey?” the man asked. “No, I don’t, Taher replied. “He is Jesus Christ,” the man said. “He cleans your sins.”

Three times this dream came to him! And now he had to answer this question differently than he had thought for his whole entire life. Now, this modern-day Islamic “Paul” had his Damascus moment through the same dream of Jesus who visited three times.

Taher was both convicted and compelled. Never before in Islam had his sins been cleansed. Never before had he been loved by a God who even expects and anticipates him to mess up. Never before had he seen the love for the God be willing to die for their faith because now they were the ones persecuted and not the persecutors. Now he saw what love and living life truly looks like. Taher now knows the God Who Answers and loves Jesus for coming to him to cleanse him, redeem him, and save him forever.

For more details to this story, see HERE.








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