#ExMuslimBecause speaks

Rayhana Sultan, an ex-Muslim speaks out on her own accord in Britain. She disagrees with the foundations of Islam and clarifies why being an ex-Muslim is not equal to hating Muslims or being anti-Muslim. She did not expect the result from her campaign when she slowly rolled out this bold stance based on her own personal logic and opinion.

On this interview, she states,

 “The main reason I proposed to  hash-tag this is because we have a great community of ex-Muslims who do not want to affiliate with Islam, the Koran, or the Prophet anymore, and they are unable to criticize or even come out to their community public because any criticism is seen as criticism of Muslim. At that moment you are at risk of being arrested for hate crime. If you’re an activist, you get disinvited from universities and talking of important issues and even work places. If you’re an ex-Christian, noone would care, but if you’re an ex-Muslim, it becomes very controversial. We are trying to tell the people that criticizing Islam is not the same as criticizing Muslim, the same way that criticizing the Torah or the book of Deuteronomy is not the same as criticizing Jews or Christians.”

Maryam Namazie asks, “Why though is it important to say that someone is an ex-Muslim? Why can’t they just call themselves an ‘athiest’ and just carry on with their lives?”

Rayhana responds,

“Because it’s basic human rights. Because any human should be able to exercise their free speech to express their opinion without being dumbed-down by any political group that would just try to paint them as a racist or an anti-Muslim.

I was raised in a Muslim family. And I left Islam. I no longer identify myself as a Muslim.

I do not follow Allah. There’s no way I agree with the Qur’an in most ways, and there is no way I think Muhammad was a worthy man of following. So there’s no reason for me to call myself a Muslim; that makes me an ex-Muslim.

There’s no way within that definition that I hate my Muslim family or my Muslim friends. And the people, the larger community has to understand that; I am discriminated.”

[After talking about the overwhelming support after the release of her campaign to come out as an ex-Muslim, she continues:]

“I cried on several instances when I read about a woman who was ostracized by her family because she married a Christian. Then there was a  woman whose father told her that when you are raped within your marriage, that’s not rape… because of whatever he believes within his Islamic. And those are just heartbreaking.”

Rayhana is a gentle activist about her support for free speech. She states that Islam has many double-standards where men can have as many sex partners or slaves that they want, but if a woman wants more than one sex partner, she is a slut.  Other double-standards make this ideology very illogical to follow.

She has gained support not only from other ex-Muslims, but also from other practicing Muslims probably because she is bold enough to stand up and show that she does have her own personal opinion and that she is entitled to it because she is a human just like the rest.

If you would like to hear more, see the full interview here.


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