142 more killed by ISIS terrorists

Just in, a series of three attacks and two car bombs in Damascus just yesterday, they killed a total of 142 people.

Homs, Damascus bombing by ISIS Feb 21, 2016


Right outside the Shia shrine, the attacks killed 83 people and wounded 172 more. Then the two car bombs exploded in the Homs’ Al-Zahraa neighbourhood, killing at least 46 people, of which 28 were civilians.

“The repeated terrorist attacks in Homs target the strong internal front that is standing by the side of the Syrian army making victories on various fronts,” said the Governor, who was calling on the Security Council, the UN Secretary General and the countries that are supposed to be fighting terrorism in Syria.

ISIS claims responsibility for the attacks and suicide bombs.

The car bombs were set off by a large quantity of explosives loaded into the vehicles parked next to each other. Much damage was done to nearby buildings and buses parked at the bus station.

It is not a coincidence that these terrorist attacks happened right up against the recent talk  in a Munich meeting about a cessation of hostilities in Syria, stressing the failure of this proposal, the Assembly said in a statement.

As evident, the only morals and rules the terrorists and their supporters keep include the shedding of blood and getting rid of human life that is incompatible with theirs, and it’s said, “therefore the only way to deal with those is through the battlefield, where the Syrian Arab army and the forces supporting them are making remarkable successes.”

Attacks have risen in Homs because it has been a target for peace. Many reconciliations have been agreed upon there and terrorists are fewer to be found, making the enemies nervous. Therefore terrorists have been given orders to sabotage the place of reconciliation, the statement added.

We mourn the loss of innocent lives along with their families at this time.

Time is very short; we do not know when our days will end. Eternal life is only found in Jesus’ death for you and I. He offers it freely because He loves you and wants you to live eternally in peace and joy with Him. Believe in your heart today that He is God and your life will never be the same.



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