Fly to eternity at the Brussels Airport


Blasts sounded. At least 34 dead. Muslim suicide bombers set off blasts at the Brussels, Belgian airport this morning. Authorities are suspecting that more terrorists are on the loose in the subway systems and public areas.

All the political candidates expressed their concern for the attacks that happened. Trump stated that he believes that there will be many more attacks and promised to close the US borders to Muslims until “things can be figured out.” Clinton had a lighter approach that the US should “stand with our Belgian brothers.”

Are we prepared for this happening in our country? Do you and your family have back-up plans and strategic coordinating plans in case of a lock-down or an attack in your area?

More importantly yet, are you prepared for your eternal destination? Muhammad is not going to get you to heaven,  just saying. If you want to spend eternity with him, I cannot promise there is going to be peace there either. They are living examples.

Jesus/Yeshua is the only way, and His peace is real.



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