Words Mean Things: Koran

Words mean things. When we listen to words and even speak them, we have to understand what the speaker is intending to say through the words and make sure that we understand their exact vocabulary so that communication is understood .

Government officials have been instructing citizens to remove certain words from their common vocabulary and especially media talk because of the nature of those words. However, let’s define the words they want us to eliminate.

By not discussing these words, they are actually threats to us, causing us to stick our heads further in the sand instead of defend ourselves or be aware. Denial doesn’t drive the enemy away or protect anybody’s life from death. We have the ability to stand up and be stronger than them.

Look at their vocab.

Jihad – 40 times in to be completely committed to strive in the cause of Allah, in every aspect of your life you exert yourself, even in the arena of fighting

Koran 9.73 – Allah tells the prophets to fight hard “jihad” against the unbelievers (obscenity) and hypocrites (Muslims who are not following Shariah law) and be harsh upon them for their refuge is hell and torture is their destination

the problem is that each group is defining what is a”hypocrite” and therefore killing each other. Jihad is the central component of Islam.

Qitel (sounds like kettle) – occurs 170 times in the Korah – “to slaughter” or “to kill”, to stomp into the ground or crush in to the ground – a very nasty word, bodily mutilation

Koran 2.191 – And slay them wherever you catch them, and expel them (kharaj) from where they have expelled you (kharaj); for tumult and oppression (sitnah) are worse than slaughter (jihad); but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them (jihad). Such is the reward of those who suppress faith.

The most violent verse in the Koran. It has all of the operative verbs and the catalyst in the same verse.

Kharaj – (sounds like Karage) – occurs 182 times in Koran – to expel, to drive out, to dispel, to wipe off the map

They are decreed to drive out the Jews out of the land; to drive out the Europeans from Europe, to drive out any disbelievers from the land where they want to dwell.

Sitnah – to oppress

Those who oppose the Muslims invading their movement is entitled to be driven out, slaughtered, or slayed because they are enacting “sitnah”, oppression to their agenda. If you oppose Islam, that is a greater crime than them killing you. IF YOU OPPOSE ISLAM, IT IS A GREATER CRIME THAN THEM KILLING YOU FOR IT.

The strategy of the global Islamic movement is that Islam will prevail and rule the world. This fighting will continue in the world until Sitnah is gone, in their minds.

If you haven’t picked this up, their ideology is IN OPPOSITION to OUR world view.  We cannot possibly live in a world with these people who are bringing their destruction into our territories. We have to be strengthened in our faith and our world view to say that NO, they cannot come into our territory.

Pick up your Christian arms, ladies and gentlemen, for we need to defend our own lives. Get into the Holy Spirit and let him guide you into all truth and strengthen you in all things. The Holy Spirit prepared the Armenian Christians before the Muslim Turks came into kill them.

The weapons of our warfare pull down strong towers (2 Cor 10). Wisdom will pull down the tactics of the enemy. We first have to be knowledgeable of the enemy’s tactics and then come back to God, repenting, and doing things His way. We have to fight this with the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ causes the most Sitnah on the enemy, and the gates of hell will not prevail over the kingdom of Yah our God. We WILL continue to preach, teach, evangelize, and love. We will continue to live and die daily for our God because He has already laid down His life for us. Greater is He that is in US than he that is in the world. NO FEAR HERE. JESUS WINS.


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