Believe it or not, just as there are what might be called “Christian Satanists” (meaning Satanists who couch their symbolism and ritual in perversions of the Christian or Catholic faith) so there are also Muslim Satanists, who take the “sacred”3 things of Islam and twist them to their own occult ends.

These people worship a being known as Iblis or Shaytan. When I was into the dark arts, I knew a couple of these people, and they were scary – even for me.

People do not realize that Islam is rooted in very powerful Arabic sorcery that has been around for millennia. Islamic Satanists USE this sorcery for their own wicked ends. It would not be above such creepy folk to attack innocent people and then feed on the energy from the shedding of their blood. I do not know this, but it is possible that many of these “Islamic terrorists” are actually being egged on by Islamic Satanists.


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