Brussels is Destroyed, Muslim Students Cheer

Explosions go off in the Brussels airport and dozens of people are dead and wounded. ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – claims responsibility. Why? They just want to kill you and I. Why? Because they believe there is a secure eternal inheritance in killing others.

Muslim students were cheering after hearing of this genocide attack. The teacher was tweeting during this uproar and three policemen showed up to tell him to stop tweeting.

We don’t understand the ideology here. Just like for Christians, other believers rejoice when one sinner repents and turns to Jesus; for the Muslims, other believers rejoice when one suicide bomber kills 30 people.

Friends, we have to pray for them. We don’t want them dying by suicide bombing in order to get to heaven and stand before our Heavenly Father who never wanted them to kill another soul (see the 10 commandments). How much they are missing here because they don’t know the power of love.



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