The Power

When I was in a car accident at 17 years old, I should have died. There was no reason why my life should have continued after flying 150 feet through the air and crashing onto the ground, breaking multiple bones throughout my body. Even my back was broken and the doctors reported that I might not walk again.

The only reason why I survived that car accident was by the grace of God who answered the prayers of many people who had been praying for me.

In this day and age, there is a lot of work to be done in the hearts and lives of many people. The news reports evil after evil after evil in our world today. Those of us who have experienced evil, have lived through it, and want nothing to do with it now; we have a mighty part to play. Our words, even our words, can bring life or death. The proclamations – our prayers – can bring life to people who desperately need it.

After reading article after article of terror, terrorism, brutality, and misfortune brought by different people groups in our world, there is one major action that each of us can tap into to resurrect power back into our world. This power is not from our own hands, it’s not from our own creation, this power comes from the God of the universe who is all-powerful. It’s just a simple word: prayer.

Through prayers of life, healing,  and blessings, we can help change our world. Without without the prayers of the people who prayed for me, I would have died. You and I have the ability to pray for these Muslims, for the kidnapped children, and for those who are headed towards misfortune. It is time for us to take a stand in saving others lives instead of enacting to kill them, or even standing by the wayside and letting life happen. Either we are going to affect the world around us or we are going to be affected by the world around us. Today we are given the choice of life or death, we are given the choice to stand and not to fall, and we are given the choice to pray and intercede on behalf of those who need our prayers.

There are many who are struggling in third world countries, in the midst of War, and on the brink of Destruction. We have the ability to change their life. Pray with me now, to the God of Heaven, Yahweh, who is able to save our souls and the souls of those who are trying to kill us and them. Pray with me for their Salvation, Deliverance out of Zion, and that people’s lives may be saved and not lost. Our prayers are powerful, and NSB we pray fervently for salvation, Deliverance, healing, and life, we will see great things come about because our God is faithful. May you be empowered this day to pray for those in need in your area and in the world join with me to make an impact for the good. We can report so many evil things, the May are good words on the other side would be more effective in bringing life and encouraging, and supporting those in need. You and I are on a journey, we both want to finish well. Strive to hear that well-welcomed phrase, well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your lord.


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