Exposing the Plan

American brothers and sisters,

In the last week, several websites and documents have come across my eyes informing me of the well thought-out plans that is behind the Islamic invasion in the U.S. Because our country is very structured and organized, for the enemy to not be seen in all of his tactics coming against our American and Protestant beliefs, he must sneak in organized in such a way that is appealing to our system that blends right in with our current structure.

We are now in 2016, and the plans to invade our country actually were documented on paper in 1991. They have been very strategic and stealthful in their takeover. We haven’t even seen them until recently.

This may be alarming and frightening for some, but the word for us is that it’s not too late. Though the enemy creates his plans, we know the strength and power that we have in us as Americans because of the One who is for us.

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in such a country that was founded on unity. We live in such a place that was set up with wisdom, with intuition, and with democracy. United we will still stand, and the enemy understands that at well, uniting his forces in a subtle manner underneath our noses. However, we still have the majority here in this country and as we come together to uphold the fundamentals that we were built on, we can affect change and keep our principles and morals.

There is a plan being formulated for us Americans to be strengthened in our national beliefs, which, through working together, we can see the enemy forces abate. If we resist this devil, he will flee. We have to resist with wisdom, with determination, with leadership, and in unity. We will resist together and he will flee.

On behalf of my fellow Americans and my sisters, I am standing for you, fighting for you in the keenest of ways, and will hold out for you.  I ask that you do the same for your fellow citizens. Walk in unity at all costs and remain humble.

In the meanwhile, check out these websites where you can gain more understanding and see our strategies come to life, not death.




In peace to you,




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