The “drive” behind Islam… sickening!

Why is it that it is hard to find information about Islam without there being a sexual connotation to it? What in the world?!

With such an emphasis on women being chaste and modest, shouldn’t there be a very covert hiddenness to the beauty and the mystery that happens between a man and a woman in the secret places?   The outward hiddenness that the women are, in some places, required to display unless they prefer to be very harshly punished for showing more than a cheekbone, should – in theory – show the inward hiddenness of honor, respect, and propriety, especially within their most sacred beliefs and religion.

Instead, though, throughout the news, articles, and widespread information on Islam and Muslims from here in America all the way into Europe and the Middle East, there is always a rash account of something sexual driving this people-group. For some, it is just appalling that the exterior facade can be so overtly “pure” and “modest” when the hormones underneath are screaming into the media’s ears.

Well-considering the one major difference between men and women being the sex drive that men constantly battle, this religion – and yes it IS a religion, though also focused in political and military circles – is more like a big male-driven sexual carousel than it is a religious system based on honor and respect living to honor a God who loves his people. Islam does not “know” its god, nor is there a personal relationship, only the expression of sexual fulfillment in the afterlife.

Does anybody see that this is NOT a religion leading to goodness? Slavery, women as 1/3 value as a man, control, manipulation, female mutilation, etc. Does anybody besides me see a long-term problem with this???

The other problem is that Islamic rape is “permissible”.  Since when should raping a woman be “permissible” or encouraged?!  This once again supports the single drive that is behind this sickening mind-game.

The wisest man in the world once said, “Whatever a man thinks about, he becomes it.” If I could propose a world-changing thought here for our public ears: What if we – as a nation, including every single immigrant – thought about the same good, uplifting, strengthening, unifying, and empowering vision that is worthy of public discussion, that which established this country from the beginning, and wasn’t driven by or purposed in any personal pursuit behind closed doors?  Wouldn’t that be a life-changer!

As a woman, I have a voice, I have honor and respect. I choose to walk in modesty and integrity. I guard my body, soul, and spirit. And I refuse to be walked over as a 1/3 of anything. I know who I am and whose I am. My mind is renewed daily with good, wholesome, pure, and uplifting thoughts that are focused on an eternal good for all in a sense of equality and partnership. I encourage you to do the same.

Men are to be leaders who honor, respect, lead with courage, and serve with strength; and who earn honor, respect, and victory with their very lives. I encourage men and women everywhere to stand up for their virtues that will endure through eternity and be leaders of the least, honoring a God who keeps what is private in the secret places, living for the eternal good of both men and women.


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