Western jihadist wives admit the realities

Now the Syrian government has begun to offer marriage counseling. The jihadists brides report on the lack of human comforts, three said that the drinking water is so contaminated that it is causing diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems in the children.

They used to have electricity, but from all of the airstrikes and coalitions, now they have to cook on wood-burning or charcoal stoves. Many Western women are perhaps regretting their decisions to come and support the undercivilized jihadist efforts with these primeval living conditions.

These numbers of Western women were radicalized from meeting jihadist men online. They packed up and moved to their new husband only to find him a crazy gunman who provided not much more than third-world jihadi living conditions without electricity or normal cooking facilities.

Brides are threatening to leave.

Where the regime previously burned to death wives who disobeyed, they are now struggling to “civilize” their culture and keep the women at home. The all-clad burqa-wearing European wives now shed tears of regret in the new counseling centers. Broken marriages is not acceptable in the Islamic society, so they are desperately trying to bring their culture up to speed in the area of validating the women’s feelings as they are struggling through the drastic downgrade of their livelihood.

Pictures released show burqa-wearing wives with tear-ridden tissues in the new counseling center opened by ISIS. The regime is trying to portray these women as pictures of an advancing society, hoping to attract more future jihadist-wives.

The reality, though, is that the daily airstrikes are leaving life almost unbearable on a daily basis. Three wives reported to the Open Your Eyes site that: “Now we are back to ancient times.” The second admitted: “There’s no electricity, no drinking water. There are no services.” And the third wife: “Even the drinking water is contaminated. It smells bad.”



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