Nanny beheads and parades head, no prosecution

Nanny who beheads girl, age 4, parades head around town

Beheading a 4-year old child she had been watching, this nanny has raised eyebrows in this Muslim activism.

The myth morphs. When reality blew the bogus narrative of “it’s just a tiny number of extremists” to smithereens, we have the new and improved claim that Islam is a mental illness. Devout madness, eh?

Robert Spencer calls it, “The Global Outbreak of Mental Illness.” Indeed.

The burka-clad Muslim babysitter had claimed that she beheaded the child on February 29 and paraded the child’s head in the street as an act of revenge for Putin’s aerial bombardment of Muslims in Syria. But she won’t stand trial. Because …… her piety is now deemed “insane.” What’s insane is that she won’t be standing trial. This Muslima should face a firing squad…

She said she was commanded by Allah to do this, leaving her three kids at home.

For the rest of the story about Bobokulova and 4-year old late Anastacia, CLICK HERE.


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