Over 800 ISIS cases under review inside US


Transcripted from Fox News

Fox News reports: Patricia, “Let me put how scary this report is in perspective for you. If you’re living in a city with over 100,00 people, statistically there’s a chance that you’ve driven by or walked near an ISIS supporter or fighter inside America’s borders.  FBI Director James Comey releasing this chilling statement:

“The ability to motivate troubled souls, to inspire them, remains a persistent presence in the United States.

“We have north of 1,000 cases where we’re trying to evaluate where somebody is on the spectrum from consuming to acting, and that number continues to tick up slowly.”

Now out of these cases, roughly 80% of them are related to the Islamic State. Comey insists the terror group has lost power, but just yesterday ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack this year: three separate car bombings across Baghdad, more than 90 people killed in all, leaving 200 others injured.

Recently thousands of every-day New Yorkers were on a “kill list” related to ISIS, along with the hair-raising statement, “We want them dead.”

Live report HERE.


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