Muslim Mother Stabbed by Twin Sons


“Of all the crimes, killing one’s own mother is down there among the lowest,” states Pamela Geller.

She continues, “What motivated twin sons to brutally slay the woman who bore them? The answer: they submitted and she wanted to draw back from total submission. Submit to what? The answer is in the name: Islam.

“Islam is not like other religions. Honor killing, apostasy killing — reports of Muslim family members killing members of their immediate families in the cause of Allah is uniquely Islamic as is the whole of their holy war on the “unbelievers.”
From Express

The killing in the Saudi Arabian capital is believed to have been sparked after the family fell out with the brothers over their support for ISIS.

The unnamed mother reportedly objected to her sons’ plans to travel to Caliphate in the Middle East to join the jihadists battling US-backed forces.

She was reportedly attacked after telling the 20-year-olds she would report them to the Saudi authorities if they did not cancel their trip.

Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni were named as the perpetrators who carried out the attack in their family home in Riyadh on Friday.

Detectives believe the young men used meat cleavers to first stab their mother before chasing their father and elder brother, who were injured but not fatally wounded.

Believing all three family members to be dead, the two men fled in a stolen car.

Hundreds of people attended the mother’s funeral this weekend, which is being treated as a terror attack, while the twin’s father and brother remain in hospital.

Police caught the brothers around 60 miles away from the scene of the killing.

A statement issued by the Saudi interior ministry confirmed the attack was premeditated and the twins had links to ISIS.


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