Former Missourian sentenced to 20-hours Islamic community service for defacing Islamic center

At 24 years old, he defaced an Islamic center and burned 2 copies of the Qur’an. Now he faces restitution and community service.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A former Missouri man pleaded guilty to defacing the Islamic Center of Springfield and burning copies of the Quran.

Joshua Daniel Lobsien, of Orland, California, admitted on Tuesday that he and two other people defaced the center in January 2011. They also burned two copies of the Qur’an in April 2011 and left the books at the center with a note including the phrase “Death to Islam.”

Lobsien was sentenced to five years’ probation. The former Springfield man must also pay $5,220 in restitution and do 20 hours of community service, which will be done at the Islamic Center of Springfield or an Islamic Center near Lobsien’s home if the centers allow it.

Adam David Smock, of Edgewater, California, has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced Aug. 18.


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