News for Today 7/27

There is SO much going on that it’s hard to stay connected to it all. Get informed and then get involved.

Summary of News Headlines:

Madeleine Albright drops ISIS references from convention speech

Tucker Carlson: ISIS completely frazzles the liberal brain

US general says IS in Afghanistan linked to parent group

Black Lives Matter supporters march against Hillary Clinton: ‘Hard to trust’

Whites Ordered To ‘The Back,’ ‘Blacks To The Front’ At BLM Rally In Philly

BREAKING: 1 Day After “Clinton Cash” Film Opens, CEO of Huge Company Steps Down

Chaos at the Democratic National Convention

Election Integrity under Attack by Obama Administration

Every Time There’s Been a Controversy Surrounding Hillary Clinton, She Had ‘No Idea’ It Was Going On

The dark dilemma of modern globalism

Kit and Ace is new top advertiser at Huffington Post who published an article blaming Islamophobia for worldwide conflict with Muslims. 

Bulgaria Awards Vigilante Migrant-Hunters

Bulgarian authorities charge 3 Syrians with terrorism

15-year-old boy arrested as police FOIL terror attack in Stuttgart

GERMANY ON EDGE: Panic as ‘suitcase bomb’ detonated near immigration reception centre

German Mood Is Shaken as Attacks Show Vulnerability to ISIS

Germany must address fears after attacks, says Bavaria governor

Germany: Muslim Men Harass, Threaten Nude Bathers

CAIR Wants You to Stop Saying “Jihadist”

Pope Francis on attack on French priest: ‘The world’s at war’ – but not a religious one

The Muslim Will vs. the Western Way

Oust Western Traitors, Beat Islamic Terrorists

Time for Islam and Its Apologists to Repent

Marine Le Pen’s niece enrols in the ARMY as she calls on France to ‘kill Islamism’


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