Ahmed Mohamed: Family of Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ files lawsuit against school that accused him of building bomb

From The Independent

The family of the teenager that was arrested and accused of bringing a homemade bomb to class has filed a lawsuit against the school.

Ahmed Mohamed, then 13, who brought a ticking clock to his class that was mistaken for a bomb, has accused the school of violating his civil rights in a lawsuit that was filed in Irving, Texas.

MacArthur High School suspended the teenager for three days even though they dropped the charge – a possession of a hoax bomb.

The lawsuit cites a number of severe disciplinary actions against black students and a history of anti-Muslim feeling in Irving to support the case that Ahmed was racially profiled and discriminated against.

The school “gets a ‘D’ for anti-Muslim sentiment and politicising history, it gets an ‘F’ for continuing a long tradition of racial disparity in student discipline,” thelawsuit read.

His case even prompted president Barack Obama to write it was a “cool clock” on twitter: “We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

The science fan was interrogated alone by police and the school principal, Daniel Cummings, for over an hour before he was arrested.

For the rest of the article, Click here.


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