Muslim sex gangs turned loose on British schoolgirls

The U.K.’s Express has pieced together shocking testimony from victims and local residents in a large-scale investigative series that shows nothing has been done to stop the horrific sex crimes being perpetrated by Pakistani Muslims against British school girls in the town of Rotherham.

Media reports of the rapes originally surfaced in 2014, and eventually the truth came out that more than 1,400 school girls had been lured into sex by “grooming gangs” between 1997 and 2013. The gang members passed the girls off one to another for their own sexual gratification. Some were as young as 11 years old and almost all were 17 and younger.

WND last reported on the situation in April when it interviewed Peter McLaughlin, author of a landmark book “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal.”

While the British politicians and press finally relented and stopped denying that the girls had been systematically abused by the “Asian gangs,” as they called them [never using the word “Muslim”], the true scope of the problem was exposed by McLaughlin. He reported that the same type of gangs exist in almost every city with a significant Muslim minority across Britain and Wales and that the number of abused female children is at least 100,000.

Read more at WND 


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