‘Banning Face Veil Would Mean Banning Santa Claus’

Wed, August 24, 2016

Responding to calls for a ban on women being allowed to wear niqabs, face veils, in Germany, Breitbart reports that a German regional interior minister said that such a ban would mean banning all religious clothing, including Santa Claus outfits.

Ralf Jäger, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, where migrant crime has been rampant, was countering the remarks of the federal interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, who said earlier, “We agree that we reject the burqa, we agree that we want to introduce a legal requirement to show one’s face in places where it is necessary for our society’s coexistence – at the wheel, at public offices, at the registry office, in schools and universities, in the civil service, in court.”

De Maiziere further opined that that the full face veil “does not belong in our cosmopolitan country. We want to show our faces to each other and that is why we agree that we reject this — the question is how we put this into law.”

Debate has been raging in Germany about aniqab ban with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Union bloc favoring a full ban of the face veil in public.

Jager, who dismissed Maiziere’s statements as mere political electioneering, said such a ban would not mean increased security.

Further, Jager, who is against banning the face veil, argued that if the veil were banned for security reasons, then Santa Claus costumes, with their fake beards, would also need to be banned. If the veil were to be banned for religious reasons, then all religious clothing – including Santa Claus costumes – would need to be banned as well, he said.

Jager did note that wearing a burqa with a face veil signals a “lack of integration” into German society.

Breitbart has reported extensively on Jager who blamed the sex assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve on the police department, writing,

“[Jager] fired the chief of Cologne police, forcing him to take early retirement, in a move he said was to restore public faith in city policing. However, it was later revealed that police chief Wolfgang Albers had foreseen trouble for the night, and hadappealed directly to Jäger’s Interior ministry for extra officers to help patrol the city. That request was turned down.

“Further revelations from a leaked cache of confidential emails between the state government and local police showed how the Interior ministry had attempted to cover up the attacks. One message showed ‘a request from the ministry’ that police reports were to ‘cancel’ the use of the word ‘rape’ when dealing with the events.”

Article from Clarion Project


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