Addendum to “The Reliance of the Traveller”

Dymphna’s Afterword: Instead of kibitzing over the Baron’s shoulder as I usually do, it might be better to add my verbosity in the form of an update a post to share with our readers what we’ve learned from studying Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.

In this case I’m kibitzing because Relianceescaped into the MSM for a brief moment; this is too important to let it pass by without notice.

We use this book as a reference. It’s quite a handsome, durable text, so nicely bound and printed that one can only conclude its publication was underwritten by someone or other. If you cannot afford to buy it (it’s about $30.00) then treat yourself to the comment section. The numbers there have grown since we first got our copy.

I forget now how it came into our possession; it may have been acquired when the Baron was working with the written materials of a pre-eminent Counterjihadist a few years ago. He realized that the opacity of the Koran could be overcome by using this book as a reference instead. Reliance has the imprimatur of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the intellectual heartbeat of Islam. Think of Al-Azhar as a kind of papal library and repository (one the New Boyz could burn down before moving on to conflagrate Rome. True blue and blood-red Muslims are required to destroy history).

Reliance is an essential part of any Counterjihad library. Why? Because it goes straight to the heart of the matter. Better than any history of Islam, this practicum lets you see the rigors required of any observant (Sunni) Muslim. You don’t have to read it in the order prescribed by the sections; simply pick up the book and open it to whatever rule or law strikes your fancy. After several months you’ll understand the utter minutiae of Sharia, the absolute perfection required of Muslims. You’ll grasp how very unreachable an aim is subsumed in “submission” yet every good submitter is required to reach for it anyway. This is a door into understanding the despair for which violent jihad is the fix.

Reliance of the Traveller isn’t Pilgrim’s Progress. Nor are there parallels with the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah. No stories of the patriarchs, no Prophets or Kings. No women of valor. No miracles or sacrifices or compassion. Nothing about caritas (one form of love), or faith (an entirely different experience than submission), and no hope. None. At. All. (You get a never-ending dose of predestination instead.) There can be no hope when everything has been already been decided by Allah but you have to strive anyway, living under the fear that maybe you’re condemned already. The only perfect cure is… yep, jihad. Instant massacre equals instant salvation into a very material world. This explains the fatalistic poverty of Muslim countries.

That is why Islam has no Middle Ages, no Renaissance, no Reformation. No “City of God” vis-à-vis Saint Augustine. No Saint Augustine. No Liturgical Year celebrating cyclically the life-events of Mohammed. No Gethsemane for a Bedouin. There are thousands of books devoted to some version of “The Life of Christ”, but if you’re a Muslim, you will find no invitations to “come, follow Me”. Instead, it’s “Obey Perfectly or Go to Hell”.

Reliance is not the Holy Book; it is the workbook demonstrating that Islam is not a religion any more than Communism was. Reliance is the guide for a supremacist ideology with rules and regulations to keep an observant Muslim safe. It is The Law without an iota of Love. As sad as that is, for the moment it is this very jurisprudence we need to understand.

You and I know the momentary ascendancy of Islam is only that: a moment in the world’s long human history. But it is a frightening moment for those caught in its predatory jaws. Our misfortune is to find ourselves at the juncture of history which requires us to witness the bloody predation. However, it is crucial that we not avert our eyes. We turn and face it instead, because that is what Islam does not want. They win when we’re too afraid to look. No, I’m not advocating watching those jihad porn videos. This is about understanding the enemy. Jesus may have said to turn the other cheek, but he never said to keep turning it. He also said that we must be as innocent as a dove and as wise as a serpent. That’s the kind of thinking which can lead to understanding the heart of evil without having to like it.

Reliance is a via. A way to not look away, but to gaze unflinchingly at the banal evil of Islamic jurisprudence and to comprehend the quotidian nature of Islam: it’s just a set of blood-soaked rules. Despotism hiding behind diktat.

Many of us are frustrated that there is nothing we can do against the depravity and desperation that comes from living next to the horror. But there are things we can do, even without money or influence:

  • Learn to know your enemy as intimately as possible.
  • Accept the times in which you live.
  • Wherever possible, celebrate your culture and history. Warts and all, it’s your larger family.
  • Band together with the like-minded.
  • Think in the long-term: read the ancients even if you need a study guide.
  • Act in the short term: plant trees you will never see in their full maturity.

Colonel Boyd called it getting inside the enemy’sOODA loop. Just because you ignore the enemy to the point of declaring his totalitarianism a Religion of Peace doesn’t mean he’s going to be a pacifist for your sake. Always keep in mind that though Islam may have set the rules for this domination, it’s up to us to figure out the work-around.

From the Gates of Vienna


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