About Me

We all have our stories, our adventures, and our experiences. People are interesting, aren’t they? When kept in balance, they can either drive us down or inspire us up. Personal stories of my past have driven me along this road of experiencing a lot of different cultures and getting different tastes of some of the vast world around us – some to my liking and some to my distaste.

I know that your world is vastly different than mine. You have your own set of wild experiences, defeats, accomplishments, and cultural interactions – or lack thereof. We meet, though, on one fundamental human level: we don’t want to be lied to anymore. You, nor I.

It has happened to us all, and somehow, it never worked the way it was supposed to. Lies are just dirty. We’ve all told them and we’ve all believed them. But I guarantee that if you had the choice, you would prefer to know the truth and to choose the right road, even if the lie still looked really pretty. In the end, well, you know the drill.

In my own daily life from what I’ve encountered, I now consider myself a gentle activist. You would too, I bet.

Tell me who in life likes the proverbial couch potato – the person who expects life to revolve around him or her? Every day. Rome did not fall in a day, nor was it built in a day. The hand of the diligent leads to plenty, does it not?

Today is the day when we become more familiar with our tools, our gentle but active weapons, and the ever-shifting world around us. It’s time to look more deeply into what can either destroy us or build us up, cause us to join forces, and not be led into the pit by another lie.

I am for you. Are you with me? We are now on a journey.

Yours truly,

~ Rihla


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