Mall shooting suspect had blog with picture of ISIS leader

Published September 26, 2016

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Police: Mall shooting suspect legal resident from Turkey

The Turkish immigrant accused of gunning down five people at a Washington mall smirked at his first court appearance Monday even as reports revealed he had a blog with photo posts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Accused shooter Arcan Cetin, smirking slightly and wearing a blue, collared shirt, appeared for his first court appearance late Monday morning. Charged with five counts of premeditated murder, Cetin was held on $2 million bail. He only spoke twice, both times to answer “yes, your honor” to a judge’s question.

This late Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, image from video by KIRO7 photographer Jeff Ritter shows suspected Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin at Skagit County Jail in Mount Vernon, Wash., after his arrest in Oak Harbor, Wash., earlier in the evening. Investigators on Sunday tried to piece together information on the 20-year-old suspect in the deadly Washington state mall shootings who was apprehended after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. (Jeff Ritter/ via AP)

Accused Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin at the Skagit County Jail. (AP)

Authorities said they have not ruled out terrorism as a motive in the shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington. Police arrested Cetin on Saturday evening after a nearly day-long manhunt. He was described as being “zombie-like” when he was taken into custody.

Cetin told detectives he was responsible for the mall murders, according to court documents released Monday.

A 20-year-old legal U.S. resident, Cetin appeared to have two blogs on Tumblr that linked to each other, and one of which linked to his Twitter account, according to The Associated Press. Aside from the posts featuring noted Islamists, Cetin’s blogs also featured posts about serial killer Ted Bundy and the Area 51 test site.

Cetin’s alleged rampage lasted about one minute, authorities said. Officials believe he used a rifle that was recovered at the scene before fleeing the mall in a car.

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News links for today 7/25

There is SO much happening in the news, it is so hard to keep up with it all! Here are several headlines, political, military, strategic, religious. Get informed about our world and then DO something about it! Join a group that is already in action.

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80 Christian Homes Ablaze by Mad Muslim

From the Foreign Desk:

A mob of over a thousand Islamic extremists attacked a Christian village destroying property and setting the homes of over 80 families ablaze over rumors that a Coptic man was converting a home into a church. christianhomesburnedThe attacks, which took place Friday in Egypt’s Qaryat Al-Bayda village, near Alexandria, left two Copts seriously injured and resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage, according to a Coptic activist.

“A great deal of fanatic Muslims gathered in front of the new house of my cousin,” Mousa Zarif, a Christian who witnessed the events, told Christian advocacy group International Christian Concern. “They were chanting slogans against us. Among these slogans were, ‘By no means shall there be a church here,’” Zarif said.

Naim Aziz, the Christian man who was building the house, told Daily News Egypt that he was constructing it for his son to live in and not for a church. The mob first ransacked the home, destroying the construction materials and also attacked Aziz and his brother, who were both seriously injured.  The attackers then began chanting traditional Islamic afternoon prayer on loudspeakers aimed at Christian families in the village as they torched their cars and homes, even as police began to arrive, according to ICC. During the attack, police arrested six Copts and six Muslim men. “This is usual business for the Egyptian government in how they deal with sectarian violence,” Coptic activist Mina Abdelmalak told The Foreign Desk.

According to Abdelmalak, the police force Copts to reconcile with their attackers and by doing so, pressure these victims into surrendering their rights. “Ever since (President Abdel Fatah) Sisi came into power, you see an increase in the negative tone against Copts,” Abdelmalak said, admitting however that the number of incidents have not been as many as they were under President Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government. “Under Sisi the Coptic communities get protection from the military which then fuels sectarian attacks against Copts,” he said, adding that Egypt’s Christians have also been blamed for Sisi’s military coup because of their close ties with the army.

Just last month, Egypt’s Christians were victim to a similar attack condemned by President Sisi in which 300 Muslims looted and torched Christian homes in the south, and stripped a 70-year-old Christian woman naked after accusing her son of having an affair with a Muslim woman, according to Reuters. President Sisi and other Muslim leaders have also spoken out about combating religious extremist ideology leading to incitement and sectarian violence.

“Under (President Hosni) Mubarak we didn’t have as many cases against Copts as we have under Sisi,” Abdelmalak said. “I don’t think Sisi is personally pushing to marginalize Copts, but he’s not helping the situation either. He is living in denial about there even being a sectarian problem.”

Malmo church in Sweden Vandalized with “Allahu akbar” Muslim cries

“Police suspect that the man went to the attack on the church because it is a symbol of the Christian faith.” A very justifiable suspicion indeed. This man was arrested for vandalism, but this is not an isolated incident. This man has manifested attitudes that will continue to show themselves in Swedish society, and will cause increasing

“Aggressive man smashed the church in Malmo,” by Mattias Albinsson, Fria Tider (Google Translate), June 27, 2016 from The Religion of Peace

Domestic. A man broke Sunday night in St. Paul’s Church in central Malmö and vandalized it, including by breaking the window panes.

– It will be investigated as a hate crime, said Jimmy Modin at Skåne police to the Free Times.

It was three o’clock in the night of Monday, police received an alarm if someone broke into the church from the 1800s and was about to smash the windows and doors. When police arrived at the scene the man went instead to attack them.

– He tries to beat patrol with a träpåk or stick of some kind, says Skåne police spokesman Jimmy Modin for free times.

Police patrol was forced to use pepper spray to overpower the aggressive man.

– He was arrested for vandalism, trespassing and attempted violence against official said Modin.

– As I understand it, he had also made their way into the church, hence the hacking crime of.

– It will be investigated as a hate crime, says Modin.  There are media reports that the man should have shouted “Allahu Akbar” in connection with vandalism of church….

from Jihad Watch