Mall shooting suspect had blog with picture of ISIS leader

Published September 26, 2016

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Police: Mall shooting suspect legal resident from Turkey

The Turkish immigrant accused of gunning down five people at a Washington mall smirked at his first court appearance Monday even as reports revealed he had a blog with photo posts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Accused shooter Arcan Cetin, smirking slightly and wearing a blue, collared shirt, appeared for his first court appearance late Monday morning. Charged with five counts of premeditated murder, Cetin was held on $2 million bail. He only spoke twice, both times to answer “yes, your honor” to a judge’s question.

This late Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, image from video by KIRO7 photographer Jeff Ritter shows suspected Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin at Skagit County Jail in Mount Vernon, Wash., after his arrest in Oak Harbor, Wash., earlier in the evening. Investigators on Sunday tried to piece together information on the 20-year-old suspect in the deadly Washington state mall shootings who was apprehended after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. (Jeff Ritter/ via AP)

Accused Cascade Mall shooter Arcan Cetin at the Skagit County Jail. (AP)

Authorities said they have not ruled out terrorism as a motive in the shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington. Police arrested Cetin on Saturday evening after a nearly day-long manhunt. He was described as being “zombie-like” when he was taken into custody.

Cetin told detectives he was responsible for the mall murders, according to court documents released Monday.

A 20-year-old legal U.S. resident, Cetin appeared to have two blogs on Tumblr that linked to each other, and one of which linked to his Twitter account, according to The Associated Press. Aside from the posts featuring noted Islamists, Cetin’s blogs also featured posts about serial killer Ted Bundy and the Area 51 test site.

Cetin’s alleged rampage lasted about one minute, authorities said. Officials believe he used a rifle that was recovered at the scene before fleeing the mall in a car.

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Exclusive: Andrew Thorp King looks ahead to when caliphate is ‘world’s lone superpower’

A note from the year 2021:

The Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein warned us. Spelled it all out, albeit it in Arabic, for us all to read. Told us all that this was the plan. Back in 2005 he penned the warning shot in his book “Al-Zarqawi: The Second Generation of Al Qaeda.”

What exactly did he warn about?

That damn 20-year plan.

The evil, ambitious, prescient plan that led us to where we are now, here in 2021, where ISIS has Islamized America.

Where Christians, Jews, homosexuals, atheists, and moderate Muslims have been choked out of their right to conscience.

Where the sight of a beautiful woman’s hair is a faded, distant memory now covered by a hijab in perpetuity.

Where the surviving remnant of yesterday’s Western elite now cower in submissive fear to their newfound Islamic power brokers.

Where rock ‘n’ roll, as AC/DC once deeply protested was patently untrue, has now been outlawed and legally deemed noise pollution.

The 20-year plan has unfolded with terrifying precision in accordance with its blueprint.

Phase 1 (2000-2003): Poke, irritate and provoke the West. USS Cole. 9/11. DONE.

Phase 2 (2003-2006): Normalize apocalyptic Islamism throughout the Muslim world. Establish Iraq as a centerpiece of operations for jihad. Create an army there. Establish contingent bases firmly placed in other Arabic states. DONE.

Phase 3 (2007-2010): Expand the fight and target those with secular governments averse to Islamism. Hyper-focus on Syria. But also Jordan, Turkey and, of course, Israel, the little Satan. DONE.

Phase 4 (2010-2013): Dismantle the infidel regimes of the Middle East through popular revolts and revolution. Stoke the flames of insurgencies. The Arab Spring. Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Yemen. Continue cyber-attacks on the U.S. Intensify the cyber propaganda campaigns.DONE.

Phase 5 (2013-2016): Formally declare an established caliphate. The one that the Western media mocked any commentator for warning about. Exploit the weak Western will and re-create the first caliphate in nine decades. This is the first step in creating the Islamic New World Order in which a clear divide exists between a united Muslim community of believers (dar al-Islam) and the unbelievers (dar al-harb), or house of war. ISIS, ISIL, IS. Whatever the iteration, it has now been placed firmly on the to-done list. DONE.

Phase 6 (2016-2019): Move toward total confrontation. Use the caliphate as a catalyst for a focused instigation of the West. Through continued attacks, force the West to muster their last long-drawn effort to attempt to confront the inevitable growth of the caliphate. Orlando. Paris. Brussels. Nice. DONE.

Phase 7 (2020): Push through into definitive victory. The caliphate crosses the line into victory over the West. The West’s effort to use supreme technology to defeat the caliphate is impotent as the nimbleness of jihad proved to be more of an asset than the West’s supreme technological power. The caliphate attracts more followers exponentially, leaving it as the world’s lone remaining superpower with the strength of 1.5 billion Muslims. Borderless and asymmetrical as hell. DONE.

Today is Thursday. The last one in September. The autumn leaves are as beautiful as they ever were this time of year, except for the light, consistent layer of soft ash that floats down on them periodically throughout the day. The ash that comes from the incinerator just down the street. Thursdays are their biggest production day. Wednesdays are drop-off days for that week’s collection activity, so Thursday is when most of the burning happens. Hence, more ash. I escaped the incinerator by pledging my life to Islam. A coward I am. Those who are brave, the collected ones – all the infidels – Christians, homosexuals, atheists and especially the Jews, they get the fire. Some days I wish I chose to be with them.

Instead, I sit and wonder what would have happened if we got wise to their 20-year plan back in 2016. Back when it was already clear they were right on track with the first five phases. Or if we paid more attention to the implications of the poll taken of Muslims living in the U.S. back in 2015 that showed that 51 percent embraced Shariah over the U.S. Constitution. Could we have hedged the remaining two phases if we knew better? I doubt it. But only God knows.

God knows the West did very little to push back the creeping of this now dominant, ubiquitous Shariah. The civilization jihadists pushed for their own sub-legal system in Texas, just like in Londonistan. And we eventually gave in. No political will. Only political correctness.

We essentially rolled over as the Muslim Brotherhood methodically infiltrated our power structures and government entities for years with an underlying intent to wage civilization jihad on us in a slow, deliberate, calculated fashion. The Western frog lying cluelessly in the hot boiling water of increasing Islamism.

So, here I sit, a slave in the United Shariah States of America. I’ve lost all integrity by submitting to the faith of my captors, and yet still I am their slave. I’ve escaped death but still lost life by turning my soul away from my own faith and devotion to my country.

I never saw this coming. The West never saw this coming. The stinging memory of Nazism did nothing to help us perceive this new, similar threat. A threat directly connected to and inspired by the ideology and strategies of Nazism. But it was all right there. All in the plan.

Andrew Thorp King’s book “BLAZE: Operation Persian Trinity” is a geo-political spy thriller that exposes the dangers of Islamic eschatology and the belief in the Twelfth Imam. Out now on World Ahead Press.


News for 7/30/16

So much going on in politics and in the world. GET INFORMED and GET INVOLVED!!

Why didn’t the Democrats even mention the Clinton Foundation?

What the WikiLeaks Hack Exposes About Democrat Media Bias

Guess who let their bias show?

DNC Attendees Loved Having A Big, Beautiful Wall To Protect Them

Justice Department Knew of IRS Scandal 2 Years Before Congress but Did Nothing

US dossier bares Pakistan’s role in Pathankot terror attack

South African twin brothers plotted violence, court hears

Somali Americans divided as FBI informant testifies against friends

Minneapolis Somali ‘youths’ invade suburban neighborhood, threaten homeowners

Don’t miss more on the Somali roving gang in Minneapolis suburb; Governor says love it or leave it

Ten things your town needs to know as it is targeted for refugee resettlement

Obama spending millions to find summer jobs — for refugees

Shocking Report Reveals Feds Spend $20K Per Refugee

Census: Illegal immigration up 57% to 550,000, one new Albuquerque A YEAR

U.S. to rally business for refugees, Obama aims to double global resettlement

Supreme Court refuses to rescue Obama’s amnesty

The Politics Of A Pause

Missoula on verge of opening refugee office

To The Citizens of Radford, Virginia

Muslim attack on flag-waving American family remains mystery

York Police chief “shocked” at decision to give ISIS teen parole

Man with Quran made threats before arrest at Denton County courthouse, police say

Canadian judge rules police entrapped in terror case

Countries Shower Praise on Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

News links for today 7/25

There is SO much happening in the news, it is so hard to keep up with it all! Here are several headlines, political, military, strategic, religious. Get informed about our world and then DO something about it! Join a group that is already in action.

Trump versus Obama: A vision for America

Troops Fear Obama Is Rushing Mosul Offensive And Endangering Lives For Political Gain

Israel and Saudi Arabia Secretly Cooperating Against Iran

‘Mere Islam’ and the Munich Massacre

IS attacker: Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully”

Angela Merkel to face new backlash over open door immigration policy after new German attack by Syrian refugee

Obama stands by refugee pledge after attacks in Germany

It is all about a ready supply of cheap labor!

Who are the New Black Panthers? ’60s radicals say new group doesn’t embody their ideals

Turkish Police Torture, Rape Own Soldiers, Officers, Judges

Turkey reportedly issues warrants for 42 journalists in crackdown after failed coup

How a stockpile of America’s nuclear weapons got tangled up in a Middle East crisis

Brazil police arrest last suspect in Olympics terror case

Caught: ISIS Jihadis Attempt to Flee in Women’s Clothing

Confessions of a captured ISIS fighter

Indiana teen arrested, accused of attempting to join ISIS

Two California men convicted of conspiring to join ISIS

‘Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS’

Ohio man indicted on terror charges accused of plotting to kill case judge

Ohio man admits to planning terrorist acts for Islamic State

Rutland, VT refugee plan kept secret from the public, only a few business people in on it

Petition To Put Refugee Resettlement On Ballot Certified In Rutland

City aldermen will not support refugee plan

Prof. John Banzhaf: Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Freeze ‘Certainly Not Unconstitutional’

Chobani Yogurt with Terrorist Support

Chobani billionaire hires 1/3 employees from refugee count, encourages businesses to hire more

President Obama’s call Thursday for corporate America to hire more foreign refugees drew a commitment from one company that has already given a large share of its American jobs to migrants from the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.

Chobani, owned by a Turkish Muslim immigrant, has filled 30 percent of its 600 positions at the world’s largest Yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, with refugees resettled in America through a U.S. State Department program carried out in cooperation with the United Nations.

Now, in connection with Obama’s plea for more corporate help, the company has pledged to boost the number of refugees on its payroll even higher, according to a report Thursday by Bloomberg News.

This comes at a time when Twin Falls is embroiled in a firestorm of controversy involving an alleged sexual assault of a 5-year-old special-needs girl by refugee boys from Sudan and Iraq. The city’s mayor, Shawn Barigar, called for calm in the community and lectured his residents at a city council meeting earlier this week that they should not a spread a “false narrative” about the case that he accused Internet bloggers and others of creating.

WND has learned that Barigar was instrumental in recruiting Chobani to Twin Falls back in 2011, and he now plays a dual role of elected leader and president/CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce. Barigar, a Democrat, has been in leadership roles with the Chamber for 11 years. During that time he has also served two stints on the city council, with a gap between January 2008 and January 2012 in which he was not part of the city government. It was during that gap, but while he was running for office in 2011, that he was busy working to lure Chobani to Twin Falls.

“I was a member of the recruitment team that recruited Chobani to Twin Falls in 2011,” Barigar told WND in a phone interview Thursday. Barigar was elected to the City Council in November of 2011 and took office in January 2012. He’d already served a previous term on the council from 2004 through 2007. Barigar, whom the council selected as mayor in January, said he does not see his dual roles of mayor and Chamber CEO as potentially a conflict of interests.

“I do not see it as a conflict of interest nor have the voters who elected me three times to the city council,” he said. “The mayor is selected every two years by the council, so I was not the mayor during the Chobani recruitment nor was I on the council. “We did the ground breaking in December 2011,” he added, which would have been after he was elected in November but just before he officially took office in January.

Thursday’s report by Bloomberg said Goldman Sachs, United Parcel Service, HP Inc., MasterCard Inc., IBM and Google have also pledged to provide either jobs, cash aid or free services to refugees, about 85,000 of which will distributed into more than 190 cities and towns across the U.S. this year by the State Department.

The State Department works through nine federal resettlement contractors that includes the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Luther Immigration and Refugee Service, Episcopal Migration Ministries, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Church World Services. World Relief (an arm of the National Association of Evangelicals), the International Rescue Committee, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants and the Ethiopian Community Development Council. These volunteer agencies or VOLAGs have between 50 percent and 95 percent of their budgets funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars and are paid by the head for every refugee they resettle in the U.S.

A quick search of the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center database shows more than 2,340 refugees from more than a dozen countries have been resettled in Twin Falls since January 2002. Since that time, 161 refugees have come from Sudan, 377 from Iraq, 280 from Iran, 241 from Russia, 70 from Afghanistan, 642 from Bhutan, 68 from Bosnia, 54 from Burundi, 146 from Democratic Republic of Congo, 238 from Eritrea, 32 from Azerbaijan, and 21 from Ethiopia.

Twin Falls town is one of more than a dozen areas around the country that is experiencing major pushback against the resettlement of refugees, especially from hotbeds of jihadist activity such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. So-called “pockets of resistance” have organized in Amarillo, Texas; St. Cloud, Minnesota; Fargo, North Dakota; in parts of Michigan, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Like Barigar in Twin Falls, the mayor of Boise, Idaho, David Bieter, has also been a big supporter of refugees, including Syrian refugees. Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Boise has received 59 Syrian refugees, according to the federal refugee database. Beiter has also gone on record as a supporter of President Obama’s welcoming initiative for immigrants and refugees, writing in a blog post last year that, for his city, “Diversity isn’t a buzzword. It’s our birthright.” That post has since been scrubbed from the city’s website.

The U.S. State Department has shipped more than 12,000 refugees directly from the Third World to Idaho since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, most of them landing in either Boise or Twin Falls. Nearly half have come from some of the world’s nastiest jihadist hot zones, including Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and Pakistan, according to the federal refugee database.

Last October, hundreds of residents rallied against the College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center’s continued resettlement plans. But despite growing protests by local residents against the refugee arrivals, the Twin Falls area can count on being a prime spot for refugees for years to come, thanks to Chobani. Chobani founder and chairman Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish Muslim and immigrant from Turkey, made a pitch for more refugees to be hired by corporate America at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January, as previously reported by WND.

At Davos, he called on other CEOs to join his campaign to throw corporate cash, lobbying initiatives, services and jobs to refugees. Six companies immediately took him up on the idea: Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Western Union and UPS all agreed at that point to hire more refugees or provide free services to them.

Now Obama is doubling down on those efforts, calling on businesses to do their part in helping resettle the expanded number of refugees flowing into the U.S. Obama has called for an increase in the total number of refugees resettled in the U.S. to 100,000 in fiscal 2017, which begins Oct. 1. This up from 85,000 in 2016 and 70,000 in 2015. The GOP-controlled Congress has fully funded his expansion of the program. Included in that package is 10,000 Syrian refugees. That plan elicited letters to the Obama administration from more than two dozen mostly Republican governors, including Gov. Butch Otter of Idaho, saying they did not want Syrian refugees coming to their states. Obama ignored the governors’ concerns about vetting and national security and in fact issued a decree to speed up the resettlements from Syria and reduce the time spent on vetting from 18 to 23 months down to as little as three months.

Ulukaya’s efforts appear spurred by his own cultural background as a Kurdish Muslim and by a personal visit to the refugee camps in Turkey and Greece. Ulukaya has told several media outlets that he was horrified by the human suffering he witnessed. But he said the fact that he shares a cultural affinity with many of the refugees – he grew up near the Syrian border in Turkey, before moving to the U.S. as a student – made an even bigger impact. Ulukaya personally made a $2 million donation last year to the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees.

What about Americans who need jobs?

Refugees account for about 30 percent of the total workforce at Ulukaya’s yogurt plants. That means about 600 of Chobani’s 2,000 employees in the U.S. are foreign refugees. “There are 11 or 12 languages spoken in our factories,” Ulukaya told Financial Times. “We have translators 24 hours a day.” Refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran said the strategy being pushed by corporate America is done in the name of compassion but actually leaves jobless American citizens and veterans further behind.

“Take UPS, for example. Almost every county has a UPS depot, and it’s a really nice job for people who are low skilled, loading the trucks,” said Corcoran, author of the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. “It’s kind of a job that people are willing to do. You don’t have to ship people here from the Third World to fill those jobs.”

Article source:

Illinois Opens Doors for Islamic Lawmakers

Bruce Rauner

From CBN News

The Illinois legislature has approved a bill that would give unelected Muslim-Americans a formal voice in state government. If the governor signs the bill, Illinois would be the first state to pass such a law. The measure creates a 21-member advisory council of Muslims to give them influence on state policy.

The governor and legislative leaders would appoint the Muslim council members.

The Chicago Tribune quotes one Islamic leader who’s pushing for the new body and says all governors in America should have an Islamic council.

“Given all that is going on with the misinterpretation about Islam and the interests and concerns of the Muslim-American community, it’s almost obligatory on behalf of a governor of this state and all governors to have such a body,” Chicago lawyer Kareem Irfan said.

Many are asking what they can do to help prevent this or stop this movement. There is a very influential grassroots organization that is taking action against such movements, both politically and locally in the areas of the chapters. See .  As citizens, we have the ability and responsibility to stand up for our national freedoms and protect our American constitutional rights.There is still time, but we have to act now Americans. We can’t let our country or politics be taken over by the Muslims. If you give them an inch, they take a mile.

Another action that can be taken, especially if you live in Illinois, is to call your state and local representatives. Request that this new body DOES NOT let in an Islamic Council. They are not for our constitution, and if you’ve been tracking along, they want to turn our country into Saudi Arabia, so to speak. We will resist!


Terrorist Trip Advisor – Kittens & Nutella Included

As is the modern way, 19-year-old Mahdi Hassan doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing details of his day-to-day life.

No matter that he is currently abroad, thanks to Twitter and the other social network sites he frequents, we know the former public schoolboy misses Coco Pops, Coronation Street, sliced bread and ‘that full-fat milk with the blue cover’.

And it does not stop there. Hassan is having such a great time on his travels that he has set up an online advice service to encourage others to join him.

Young terrorists still want to relate to humanity and are using these as captive online tools of recruitment. 

‘Pack light. Most clothes can be found here, bring a spare charger with your phone, and to be honest there’s nothing that important you need to bring except good trainers,’ he writes.

Asked about electrical sockets — are they two or three-pin — he replies: ‘Two, but don’t get the USA 2 pin types, they’re different.’

When a girl says he looks like Zac Efron — ‘that guy from High School Musical’ — there is even time for a bit of flirting.

‘Yeah?,’ writes Hassan, who comes from Portsmouth, before modestly adding that ‘someone said that once but I don’t really see the resemblance.’

But read on and it quickly becomes clear that the advice being offered is less Lonely Planet and more like a Terrorists’ TripAdvisor.

There are details on how much it costs to buy an AK47 assault rifle for example — £1,000.

And instructions on whether or not to bring a knife: ‘Knives here aren’t that great but you can get by or possibly look around in Turkey if you have time.’

Then there are the ‘inspirational’ quotes: ‘History is being written. Do not be someone who watches or joins when the work is done. May the eyes of the cowards never sleep.’

Then the martial observations: ‘Insha’Allah Tabqa airbase will be ours within the next 48 hours.’

Terrorists offer kittens to children who want to join. 

Because far from being some gap-year student on a round-the-world jolly, Hassan is a jihadist fighting in Syria for Islamic State (IS), the terror organisation wreaking bloody chaos across the Middle East.

And he is far from alone. Experts estimate 500 British Muslims are fighting in the region. Among them is 24-year-old London rapper, Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, whose music was once played on Radio 1.

As revealed in yesterday’s Mail, Bary is thought to be behind a Twitter account featuring sickening images of the carnage in Syria.

In one shot Bary, whose family live in a £1 million council flat in Maida Vale, West London, posed in a balaclava with a severed head and wrote: ‘Chillin’ with my other homie, or what’s left of him.’

The fear is that many more will follow the likes of Bary and Hassan, who are doing their best to paint a picture of a ‘five-star jihad’ where life is good, food is plentiful and the risks minimal. Of course, the reality could hardly be more different.

It is believed that 19 British jihadists have now been killed in Syria, with the death toll likely to rise as the fighting spreads across Iraq.

Like Hassan, two of those to have died came from Portsmouth, travelling to the Middle East via Turkey, a journey they were encouraged to make by others already out there.

‘The three top travel items that jihadists are saying are needed for Syria are toilet paper, a first-aid kit and an iPad,’ said Shiraz Maher, an analyst from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, who has been closely following the jihadists’ online activity.

‘What they are doing online is incredibly powerful as a recruiting tool because it creates a narrative in people’s minds that says: “You know that guy is just like me, he just did his A-levels, I just did mine, so if he can make it there, I can make it there.”

‘They are also suggesting they have better lives in Syria than they did in the UK, so why not go? They are accessible, they are normalised and they are humanised.’

Last weekend, news of the horrific fate facing tens of thousands of Yazidi men, women and children in northern Iraq was beamed across the world. Warned by IS that if they did not convert they would be slaughtered, this embattled ethnic group sought refuge on a mountain top in a last-ditch attempt to save themselves.

Responding to the impending humanitarian disaster, the Americans announced they would launch air strikes to break the siege.  On the same day, Reyaad Khan, a 20-year-old from Cardiff, updated his Twitter feed with a couple of pictures. One showed a table laden with food — steaming plates of rice and stewed meat surrounded by yoghurt dips. He captioned it: ‘While the U.S. think they are causing havoc and damage to IS, we kick back & keep moving. #IS’

A second picture showed him posing in a supermarket with a giant jar of chocolate spread. Beneath it is written: ‘I was so terrified by the U.S. air strikes I had to buy myself Nutella to comfort my brittle heart.’

Read more:

Over 400,000 possible migrant crimes committed in Germany 2015

Here is a map of some of Germany’s crimes committed *by migrants* in 2015. This is not a complete list/map of the crimes. It’s a Google map of felonies committed by invaders in 2015.

Here’s a little background from Soeren Kern, Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group. and Senior Fellow at Gates Institute–– mind you this does not include 2016:

– The actual number of crimes in Germany committed by migrants in 2015 may exceed 400,000.
– The report does not include crime data from North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany and also the state with the largest number of migrants. North Rhine-Westphalia’s biggest city is Cologne, where, on New Year’s Eve, hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted by migrants.
– “For years the policy has been to leave the [German] population in the dark about the actual crime situation… The citizens are being played for fools. Rather than tell the truth, they [government officials] are evading responsibility and passing blame onto the citizens and the police.” — André Schulz, director, Association of Criminal Police, Germany.
– 10% of the migrants from the chaos in Iraq and Syria have reached Europe so far: “Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way.” — Gerd Müller, Development Minister.

Migrants committed 208,344 crimes in 2015, according to a confidential police report that was leaked to the German newspaper, Bild. This figure represents an 80% increase over 2014 and works out to around 570 crimes committed by migrants every day, or 23 crimes each hour, between January and December 2015.

The actual number of migrant crimes is far higher, however, because the report, produced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA), includes only crimes that have been solved (aufgeklärten Straftaten). According to Statista, the German statistics agency, on average only around half of all crimes committed in Germany in any given year are solved (Aufklärungsquote). This implies that the actual number of crimes committed by migrants in 2015 may exceed 400,000.

Moreover, the report — “Crime in the Context of Immigration” (Kriminalität im Kontext von Zuwanderung) — includes data from only 13 of Germany’s 16 federal states.

The report does not include crime data from North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany and also the state with the largest number of migrants. North Rhine-Westphalia’s biggest city is Cologne, where, on New Year’s Eve, hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted by migrants. It is not yet clear why those crimes were not included in the report.

The report also lacks crime data from Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, and Bremen, the second most populous city in Northern Germany.

Further, many crimes are simply not reported or are deliberately overlooked: political leaders across Germany have ordered police to turn a blind eye to crimes perpetrated by migrants, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

According to the report, most of the crimes were committed by migrants from: Syria (24%), Albania (17%), Kosovo (14%), Serbia (11%), Afghanistan (11%), Iraq (9%), Eritrea (4%), Macedonia (4%), Pakistan (4%) and Nigeria (2%).

Most of the migrant crimes involved theft (Diebstahl): 85,035 incidents in 2015, nearly twice as many as in 2014 (44,793). Those were followed by property and forgery crimes (Vermögens- und Fälschungsdelikte): 52,167 incidents in 2015.

In addition, in 2015, migrants were involved in 36,010 reported cases of assault, battery and robbery (Rohheitsdelikte: Körperverletzung, Raub, räuberische Erpressung), roughly twice as many as in 2014 (18,678). There were also, in 2015, 28,712 reported incidents of fare evasion on public transportation (Beförderungserschleichung).

There were 1,688 reported sexual assaults against women and children, including 458 rapes or acts of sexual coercion (Vergewaltigungen oder sexuelle Nötigungshandlungen).

According to the report, migrants were accused of 240 attempted murders (Totschlagsversuch), in 2015, compared to 127 in 2014. In two-thirds of the cases, the perpetrators and victims were of the same nationality. There were 28 actual murders: migrants killed 27 other migrants, as well as one German.

Finally, the report said that 266 individuals were suspected of being jihadists posing as migrants; 80 of these were determined not to be jihadists; 186 cases are still being investigated. The infiltration of jihadists into the country, according to the report, is “a growing trend.”

The report leaves far more questions than answers. It remains unclear, for example, how German police define the term “migrant” (Zuwanderer) when compiling crime statistics. Does this term refer only to those migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015, or to anyone with a migrant background?

If the report refers only to recently arrived migrants — Germany received just over one million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East in 2015 — this would imply that at least 20% of the migrants who arrived in Germany in 2015 are criminals. But if the number of crimes committed by migrants is actually twice as high as the report states, then at least 40% of newly arrived migrants are criminals. Yet the report asserts: “The vast majority of asylum seekers are not involved in criminal activity.”

Also, for reasons that are not given, the report fails to include offenses committed by North Africans, long known to be responsible for an increase in crimes in cities and towns across Germany.

sourced from



Do YOU remember the election they just had there? All the councilmen are now Muslim. That has to tell you something. Rather scary when our President says there is no threat by the religion of Islam (not really a religion, but a military takeover.)

It has begun..Muslims need no longer keep their intent a secret..their “Good Book” requires them to kill you.

Can you defend what you stand for?

Unbelievable Sign Near Dearborn, Michigan

There are “no-go” zones in the U.S. where YOU as an American cannot go? Is this one of them?

Dearborn, Michigan is the first city to become almost completely Muslim.

Yours may be next because they are here and more come every day.


And people are concerned about the Confederate Flag?


Words Mean Things: Koran

Words mean things. When we listen to words and even speak them, we have to understand what the speaker is intending to say through the words and make sure that we understand their exact vocabulary so that communication is understood .

Government officials have been instructing citizens to remove certain words from their common vocabulary and especially media talk because of the nature of those words. However, let’s define the words they want us to eliminate.

By not discussing these words, they are actually threats to us, causing us to stick our heads further in the sand instead of defend ourselves or be aware. Denial doesn’t drive the enemy away or protect anybody’s life from death. We have the ability to stand up and be stronger than them.

Look at their vocab.

Jihad – 40 times in to be completely committed to strive in the cause of Allah, in every aspect of your life you exert yourself, even in the arena of fighting

Koran 9.73 – Allah tells the prophets to fight hard “jihad” against the unbelievers (obscenity) and hypocrites (Muslims who are not following Shariah law) and be harsh upon them for their refuge is hell and torture is their destination

the problem is that each group is defining what is a”hypocrite” and therefore killing each other. Jihad is the central component of Islam.

Qitel (sounds like kettle) – occurs 170 times in the Korah – “to slaughter” or “to kill”, to stomp into the ground or crush in to the ground – a very nasty word, bodily mutilation

Koran 2.191 – And slay them wherever you catch them, and expel them (kharaj) from where they have expelled you (kharaj); for tumult and oppression (sitnah) are worse than slaughter (jihad); but fight them not at the Sacred Mosque, unless they (first) fight you there; but if they fight you, slay them (jihad). Such is the reward of those who suppress faith.

The most violent verse in the Koran. It has all of the operative verbs and the catalyst in the same verse.

Kharaj – (sounds like Karage) – occurs 182 times in Koran – to expel, to drive out, to dispel, to wipe off the map

They are decreed to drive out the Jews out of the land; to drive out the Europeans from Europe, to drive out any disbelievers from the land where they want to dwell.

Sitnah – to oppress

Those who oppose the Muslims invading their movement is entitled to be driven out, slaughtered, or slayed because they are enacting “sitnah”, oppression to their agenda. If you oppose Islam, that is a greater crime than them killing you. IF YOU OPPOSE ISLAM, IT IS A GREATER CRIME THAN THEM KILLING YOU FOR IT.

The strategy of the global Islamic movement is that Islam will prevail and rule the world. This fighting will continue in the world until Sitnah is gone, in their minds.

If you haven’t picked this up, their ideology is IN OPPOSITION to OUR world view.  We cannot possibly live in a world with these people who are bringing their destruction into our territories. We have to be strengthened in our faith and our world view to say that NO, they cannot come into our territory.

Pick up your Christian arms, ladies and gentlemen, for we need to defend our own lives. Get into the Holy Spirit and let him guide you into all truth and strengthen you in all things. The Holy Spirit prepared the Armenian Christians before the Muslim Turks came into kill them.

The weapons of our warfare pull down strong towers (2 Cor 10). Wisdom will pull down the tactics of the enemy. We first have to be knowledgeable of the enemy’s tactics and then come back to God, repenting, and doing things His way. We have to fight this with the wisdom of God.

Jesus Christ causes the most Sitnah on the enemy, and the gates of hell will not prevail over the kingdom of Yah our God. We WILL continue to preach, teach, evangelize, and love. We will continue to live and die daily for our God because He has already laid down His life for us. Greater is He that is in US than he that is in the world. NO FEAR HERE. JESUS WINS.